November 5, 2020

Peter Bentzen, David Neufeld and Kenneth Vaughan disappeared together from Toronto in 1992. Their cases have been added as ON-MM-1992-09-01734, ON-MM-1992-09-01735 and ON-MM-1992-09-01736 respectively.

Also added are the disappearances of six young men from Pickering on the same evening of 1995.  The missing are Chad Smith, Jay Boyle, Michael Cummins, Daniel Higgins, Jamie Lefebvre and Robert Rumbolt.  The associated case files are ON-MM-1995-03-01737, ON-MM-1995-03-01738, ON-MM-1995-03-01739, ON-MM-1995-03-01740, ON-MM-1995-03-01741 and ON-MM-1995-03-01742 respectively.