Ontario’s Missing Adult’s provides services which are primarily informational. These include:

    • Sourcing materials that provide invaluable guidance and support information for families and friends with missing loved ones and, when needed, authoring such materials;
    • Providing information directly to families about missing person reporting and investigations;
    • Serving as a liaison between family members and the appropriate law enforcement agency when individuals wish to assist in investigations, but are reluctant to contact police directly;
    • Offering confidential support, advice, and/or suggest steps to families who may wish to help locate the missing person, beyond reporting to police;
    • Helping family members manage interactions with the media and safeguard themselves while making public appeals for information;
    • Providing confidential support and advice to those who have gone missing;
    • Hosting a publicly accessible website with a user-friendly database to increase awareness of vulnerable individuals who go missing, missing family members, and unidentified persons that could generate leads in the resolution of these ‘cold cases’;
    • Conducting presentations to police and service providers about Ontario’s Missing Adults, the types of services families have requested, and issues presented by families with a missing loved one;
    • Building awareness among interested agencies about new initiatives or resources available to those working to resolve missing and unidentified person cases;
    • Championing the cause of missing and unidentified adults in addition to advocating on behalf of families to increase awareness about the need for support services and resources; and
    • Bringing together like-minded people, community organizations, and the media to contribute to the search for missing adults.

All services provided by Ontario’s Missing Adults are done without cost to families. Cases appearing on the website are approved by family members and/or police prior to posting. Families who contact OMA for information are not obligated to add their loved one to the website.