Cases can be added in one of two ways – by submission form or by direct contact.

Submission Form

To have a case added to the Ontario’s Missing Adults website, please use our Missing Person Case Submission form.  The form is available in two formats – as a MS Word Template or as a PDF file.

Instructions for downloading MS Word Missing Person Submission Form
This allows the form to be filled out online.

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Select between option of “Open with Microsoft Word (default)” or “Save File”.
  3. Regardless of method chosen above, the document must be saved as a MS Word template. This is the only way to ensure the drop down menus within the document will continue to function. If you are working in the document and wish to save your input, you must continue to save it as a template.
  4. Once your document is complete and you have reviewed it, it can be saved as a Word document.

Instruction for downloading PDF file
This allows for the form to be printed and filled out by hand.

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Once document is open, it can be printed to any printer.
  3. Once your document is complete, please scan and email

Word template
Missing Person Case Submission Form

Printable Document
Missing Person Case Submission Form 

Once the form is complete, please email to

Alternative Ways to Submit Information

Alternatively, your loved one can be added by sending us an email that includes her/his full name and a brief outline of the circumstances surrounding her/his disappearance along with your full name and telephone number.  It is also helpful to indicate the dates and times when it is most convenient to contact you.  Once your email is reviewed, you will be contacted by phone to discuss your case.

You will also be asked to provide contact information for the Police Agency handling your case as well as the case number.  Due to privacy and safety issues, every attempt will be made to verify the information provided with the investigating agency.

Completing the Missing Person Case Submission form is not a substitute for, or the same as reporting a missing person to the appropriate Police agency.  To be added to our website, the missing person must first be reported to Police.