March 12, 2023

Case Updates:

An image of Victor Cuthand has been added.

An image of Ian Wayne Lewis has been added.

New Case Additions:

We have added the recent disappearance of Andrew Bryenton as Case ON-MM-2023-02-02041.

Abdi Adan’s disappearance from Mississauga has been added as Case ON-MM-2022-12-02039.

Rebecca Kerstin Hearty’s disappearance from Newmarket has been added as Case ON-MF-2022-08-02042.

Nivethan Niveth Alakeswaran’s disappearance from Brampton has been added as Case ON-MM-2021-12-02043.

Glenn Ward’s disappearance from Espanola has been added as Case ON-MM-2021-12-02043.

September 2021

Case Updates

New Case Additions – Missing Adults

Timothy Paul Colbon: Case number ON-MM-2012-09-01961.
Celia Maria Da Silva: Case number ON-MF-2018-08-01960.
Wenting Liu: Case number ON-MF-2018-02-01963.
Rose MacKinnon: Case number ON-MF-2009-09-01964.
Ailive Jessiah Ronald Morrison-MacDonald: Case number ON-MM-2018-10-01962.
Mary Owusu: Case Number ON-MF-2018-03-01958.
Albert Ramponi: Case number ON-MM-2018-01-01959.

New Case Additions – Unidentified person cases

Brampton 2021 John Doe: Case Number ON-UM-2021-04-00227.

Additional photos – Missing person cases

Robert Aho: Case Number ON-MM-2009-10-01365.
Joshua Hawkins: Case Number ON-MM-2018-01-01576.
Anne-Marie LaForest: Case Number ON-MF-2004-01-01628.

Additional photos – Unidentified person cases

Bowmanville Jane Doe: Case Number ON-UF-2006-10-00011.