March 18, 2024

Case Updates:
We have now added a photo of Barry Andrew Sloper to his case profile (Case number: ON-MM-2005-02-02061).

New Case Additions:

We have added the 2023 disappearance of Robert William Lambert as Case Number ON-MM-2018-07-02085.

Also is added the 2023 disappearance of Michael J. Walker as Case Number ON-MM-2023-11-02086.

Also is added the 2024 disappearance of Karan Patel as Case Number ON-MM-2024-01-02087.

March 1, 2024

Recognize the Missing

In the coming weeks, students at Georgian College will be creating coffee sleeves with photos and descriptions of missing adults to spread awareness. If you are a family member who is living with the disappearance of a loved one, please contact us to find out more. Contact