Case :



Gender : Female
Date Of Discovery : June 17, 2009
Location Of Discovery : Kenora, Ontario
Death Interval (estimate) : Up to one week before discovery
Race : Caucasian
Age : 35 – 55
Height (estimate) : 160 cm – 170 cm (5’3” – 5’7”)
Weight (estimate) : Unknown
Hair Colour : Brown – light brown, almost dark blonde, worn shoulder length
Eye Colour : Unknown


Dental Information :

Teeth – lower teeth show evidence of staining possibly from smoking
Dental health – evidence of an abscess, dental work and periodontal disease
Lower teeth – crowding of lower teeth

Medical Information :

Face and jaw – evidence of extensive surgery on the face and nose, well-healed
Foreign object – wire sutures in jaw from surgery

Glasses – oval shaped lenses, wire rim around the top of lenses, rimless on the bottom, spring-loaded wire arms, multi-toned brown plastic ear pieces; glasses described as older and worn

Notable Identifiers :

Build – lean and fit
Habits – possibly a smoker

Clothing/Jewelry :

Sweater – grey, cable-knit, wool
T-shirt – black, long-sleeved, crew neck
Undershirt – grey cotton undershirt with built in sports bra and thin straps

Pants – jeans, dark blue denim, ‘Midtown’ brand,size 6P, in good condition
Leggings – grey, lace trim around the bottom of legs
Underwear – black cotton underwear, size 5, ‘Jockey’ brand

Footwear – black ankle-height boots, black in colour, ‘Rugged Outback’ brand, size 5
Socks – one pair grey wool socks and one pair white cotton thin socks
Gloves – wool

Earrings – hoop earring found in tent

Necklace – 3 strand beaded necklace with magnetic clips; each strand measures 51 cm (20″) long, three individual strands: one yellow, one blue and a purple/pink

Other Personal Items :

Tent – freestanding, blue and grey in colour, “Eagle Camp” brand sold at Canadian Tire stores
Bag – black nylon bag, “Maple Leaf” written on side

Book – entitled “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby, black hard-cover, used book
Bookmark – from McNally-Robinson Bookstores

Currency – $75.00 in Canadian bills and $2.84 in Canadian coins

Medication – pill container with 13 ‘Pfizer’ brand pills
Medication – a two-pack of Back and Muscle pain relief pills

Additional Information :

The deceased was found in a single person tent on June 17, 2009 in a wooded area off from Miller Rapids Road in Kenora. She is believed to have been in the tent about a week prior to being found.  She has come to be known as ‘Millie’ Doe.

The unidentified woman had undergone extensive surgery on her face and jaw, likely in her early 20’s. She also probably wore braces for some time, perhaps in her adulthood, before her surgery.  When found, the woman’s dental health showed some periodontal disease that is consistent with a person in the mid-40s to 50s.

In the early 1990’s, this type of surgery would have been done in a larger centre. The procedure involves cutting facial bones, repositioning and re-wiring both jaws. A patient’s jaws would remain wired for several weeks.  As well, wires sutures would remain in jaw.

The glasses worn by the woman can further be described as having been manufactured by Aspex (or its predecessors Cameo/Cartier/Chic). The frame is identified as 42/24/140 PC160 in #10 Matte Bronze. The frame was first introduced in 2000 and was sold in Canada and the United States until 2007.

The prescription is as follows: Right Eye: -250 -1.5 x 015; Left Eye: -250 – 1.5 x 170; PD 63mm +/- 2mm; CR39 lenses (grooved and nylon mounted).

Bio-geographic ancestry predicts that this woman is of European ancestry.

Contact :

Ontario Provincial Police
Additional Contacts

Case Reference : ONCMPUR 20090051 – NCMPUR 2009005199
Source Links :

National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains
Ontario Provincial Police

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January 13, 2023

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