Name :

PAINTER, Holly Anne

Case : ON-MF-1995-06-01094


Date Of Disappearance : June 26, 1995
Location Of Disappearance : Toronto, Ontario
Age At Disappearance : 18 years
Height (estimate) : 168 cm (5’6”)
Weight (estimate) : 52 kg – 54 kg (115 lbs – 120 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown – long and slightly curly
Eye Colour : Brown
Gender : Female
Race : Caucasian
Aliases : Unknown


Dental Information :

Teeth – described as perfect
Braces – braces were removed the day before Holly disappeared

Medical Information :

Living with asthma – requiring an inhaler
Glasses – wore prescription glasses for distance
Left leg – healed fracture from 8 years prior

Notable Identifiers :

Build – slender/thin
Complexion – olive tone, dark complexion

Clothing/Jewelry :

Earrings – three hoop earrings in each ear

Other Personal Items : Unknown
Additional Information :

At the time of her disappearance, Holly was living on her own and working with an environmental group called “Save the Rouge Valley System” for the summer.  Holly was supposed to pick up her pay cheque at some point during the week she disappeared.

On June 26th, Holly called her mother to ask for a ride to her workplace.  Holly had left her bank card at the office and was anxious to retrieve it.  Mrs. Painter was unable to drive Holly that night.  Later, Holly called back to say that she no longer needed a lift.

Police believe that Holly was driven to the office by a male friend.  The two were joined by a mutual female friend and returned home.  He told police that Holly jumped out of his truck at the intersection of Warden Avenue and Kingston Road when the Bronco was stopped for a red light.

Witness accounts differ from that of the male acquaintance.  Witnesses saw Holly trying to escape the vehicle.  Although Holly was able to get out of the vehicle briefly, she was pulled back in.

Holly’s bank card showed activity a few hours after she went missing and the next day.  Her bank card was used in Cheektowaga, New York a few days later.

Further investigation determined the Holly’s bank card was used in New York by the male friend.  He claimed to have taken Holly’s bank card from her home.

Foul play is strongly suspected in Holly’s disappearance.

Contact :

Toronto Police Service – Homicide Division
By phone at 416-808-7400
Email Toronto Police Homicide Division
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : TPS 95M.004820.D54 – NCMPUR 2014004419
Source Links :

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Toronto Police Service
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Last Modified : March 24, 2023

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