Name :

VAN HUUKSLOOT, Crystal Elizabeth

Case : ON-MF-1976-10-01105


Date Of Disappearance : October 9, 1976
Location Of Disappearance : Toronto, Ontario
Age At Disappearance : 20 years
Height (estimate) : 170 cm (5’7”)
Weight (estimate) : 54 kg (120 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown – dark brown
Eye Colour : Blue
Gender : Female
Race : Caucasian
Aliases : Unknown


Dental Information :

Teeth – upper incisor inset from remaining teeth

Medical Information : Unknown
Notable Identifiers :

Build – medium
Complexion – fair

Clothing/Jewelry : Unknown
Other Personal Items :

Money belt – worn around the waist, home-made

Additional Information :

Just prior to her disappearance, Crystal traveled from her home in Edmonton to Toronto.  She was carrying $3,000.00 that was to be used to pay her boyfriend’s bail.  Stacey Harris, Crystal’s boyfriend, was in Toronto’s Don Jail as a result of a drug charge.  Harris suggested that Crystal approach Ian Rosenberg to borrow the remaining $12,000 needed to secure his release on bail.

When Crystal initially approached Rosenberg, he agreed to lend her the money within a week’s time.  Crystal told a friend that the loan from Rosenberg had fallen through and that she was returning to Edmonton.  Crystal told Harris that Rosenberg was going to drive her to the airport.  However, Crystal did not make her flight and has not been seen since.

Ian Rosenberg told police that he drove Crystal to the Toronto International Airport.  He said that he dropped her off and continued on.

Seven months later, Ian Rosenberg and his girlfriend were found murdered in his home. James Bass was arrested for the double murder.  The Crown advanced the theory that Bass killed the couple because Ian Rosenberg was going to tell police about Bass’ involvement in the disappearance of Crystal Van Huuksloot.

James Bass was found not guilty in the murder of Ian Rosenberg and his girlfriend.  Their cases remained unsolved and Crystal remains missing.

Contact :

Toronto Police Service – Missing Persons Unit
By phone: 416-808-7411
By direct email:
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : TPS 1976-9726.HOM – NCMPUR 2014004475
Source Links :

National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains
Doe Network Case 907dfon
Unsolved: True Canadian Cold Cases by R.J. Hoshowsky

Last Modified : November 20, 2020

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