Name :

FILLIPOFF, Emma Alexandra

Case : BC-MF-2012-11-01471


Date Of Disappearance : November 28, 2012
Location Of Disappearance : Victoria, British Columbia
Age At Disappearance : 26 years
Height (estimate) : 165 cm (5’5”)
Weight (estimate) : 52 kg (115 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown – light brown with blonde highlights, worn below the waist, often braided
Eye Colour : Brown
Gender : Female
Race : Caucasian
Aliases : Unknown


Dental Information : Unknown
Medical Information :

Mental health – experiencing extreme emotional/psychological distress
Physical health – may be in need of medical attention

Notable Identifiers :

Temperament – shy, quiet, sensitive
Build – slim
Complexion – tanned

Clothing/Jewelry : Unknown
Other Personal Items : Unknown
Additional Information :

At the time of her disappearance, Emma was in the process of moving from Victoria back to her hometown of Perth, Ontario.  She had taken her van out of storage and packed all of her belongings into it.  The van was found in the Château Victoria parking lot.

Emma is a trained photographer and chef.  One of the jobs she had held was at the Red Fish Blue Fish seasonal restaurant in Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

In the months prior to her disappearance, Emma had stayed at Sandy Merriman House.  The shelter helps women who may be homeless or inadequately housed.

On November 28, 2012 Emma left the shelter at 6 p.m.  She was later seen near the Fairmont Empress Hotel on Government Street.  She was barefoot and appeared confused.  A passerby called 911 and police were dispatched.  Police spoke with Emma for about 45 minutes.

Emma has not had contact with family or friends since.  Staff at the shelter confirmed that Emma was not using drugs.  Based on her behaviour and conversations with her, staff thought that Emma was suffering from extreme psychological distress.  She is also likely in need of medical attention due to her physical health.

Emma’s mother spent two months in Victoria searching for her daughter.  Police and Emma’s family are anxious to speak with anyone who may have had contact with Emma since the day of her disappearance or know of her current whereabouts.

Police and Emma’s family simply want to ensure that Emma is safe.  The Fillipoff family is offering a reward, please see the poster below for further details.

On the tenth anniversary of Emma’s disappearance, police issued an age progression to show what she may look like in 2022. The image shows Emma’s possible likeness at age 36.

Contact :

Victoria Police – 250-995-7654
Email Victoria Police Department directly
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : VPD 12-47309 – NCMPUR 2014000001
Source Links :

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Last Modified : December 16, 2022

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