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Case : ON-UM-2012-03-00120
Gender : Male
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Date Of Discovery : 14 March 2012
Location Of Discovery : Oshawa, Ontario
Race : Caucasian
Age : 20 - 40
Height (estimate) : 176 cm (5'9")
Weight (estimate) : 102 kg (224 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown
– worn short
Eye Colour : Unknown
Dental Information :
Teeth – all present with no dental restorations
Medical Information :
Notable Identifiers :
Knee – possibly an 8 cm (about 3”) vertical scar on front of left knee
Facial hair – beard and sideburns
Build – well-nourished

Clothing/Jewelry :
Jacket – "Misty Mountain Waterproof" label hooded jacket, hood folds under the collar, red in colour, size XL
Shirt – hooded sweatshirt, black in colour, size L
Pants – "Pathfinder by Kodiak" label, green in colour, size 44x31

Undergarments – white underwear and long black-coloured underwear
Belt – "1897" brand, black in colour, leather
Footwear – work boots, "Weather Spirits Thinsulate Insulation" brand, size 10
Socks – two pairs of black socks
Other Personal Items :
Gym bag – nylon, black in colour containing:

    Cigarettes – “PURE” brand
    Alcohol – small (mickey) bottle of Peach Snapps and small (mickey)
                  bottle of Southern Comfort
    Gloves – described as ‘winter gloves’ on top of gym bag

Additional Information :
The remains of this unidentified man were found in a wooded area in Oshawa. Specifically, the body was located near the intersection of Ritson Road North and Winchester Road East.

Contact :
Durham Regional Police Service
Central East Criminal Investigative Bureau
1-888-573-1520 Extension 3617


Crime Stoppers - 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
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Front View

Side View

Sketch of Teeth


Jacket Label

Sweat Jacket


Pant Label

Work Boots