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Case : ON-UM-2011-10-00124
Gender : Male
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Date Of Discovery : 06 October 2011
Location Of Discovery : Ottawa, Ontario
Race : Unknown
Age : 17 - 70
Height (estimate) : Unknown
Weight (estimate) : Unknown
Hair Colour : Unknown
Eye Colour : Unknown
Dental Information :
Medical Information :
Notable Identifiers :
Clothing/Jewelry :
Footwear – Hush Puppies brand, size 43 (9), brown, leather, lace-up style with a flat sole and heel
Sock – red in colour
Other Personal Items :
Additional Information :
The right foot of an adult male was found near the Rockcliffe Boat House on the south shore of the Ottawa River. More specifically, the remains were located in the water near Princess Avenue and the Rockcliffe Parkway.

The foot had on a red sock and was in found inside a Hush Puppies lace-up style loafer.

According to the Coroner’s Office, the remains may have been in the water for at least six (6) months or possibly much longer prior to discovery. No other remains were located.

Contact :
Ottawa Police Service – 613-236-1222
Case Number 11-300057


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Interior label

Markings on sole