The case list below shows the 20 most recently updated cases. The case most recently updated is shown first.

NameDate Of DisappearanceLocation Of Disappearance
FORREST, Hal Gerald Raymond 2005-02-28 Barrie
THOMPSON, Mandy 2017-02-03 Barrie
JONES, Richard Henry
1975-11-01 Brantford
WESLEY, Glen Warren 2010-09-15 North Bay
RUSHOLME, Richard George 1978-05-01 Niagara Falls
WHALLEY (Jr.), Norman 1991-09-11 Barrie
AYERST, Grant 1991-09-11 Barrie
FROEHLICH, Melissa Nicole
a.k.a. Melissa Nicole Russell
2015-02-11 Toronto
HASAN, Nuseiba 2006-10-01 Flamborough
VANNESS, Calvin Wallace
a.k.a. 'Cal', 'Uncle Buck', 'Buck'
2008-03-26 Belleville
SHEPPARD, Sheryl Marie
a.k.a. DALE, Sheryl
SWEENEY, Sheryl Marie
VIGER, Cathy
FISHER, Sheryl M
1998-01-02 Hamilton
RUDGE, Amanda Jane 1991-08-01 Mississauga
AHO, Robert "Robbie" 2009-10-12 Marten River
TROMMELS, Benjamin 2016-02-11 Niagara Falls
BEGOLO, John 1973-08-31 Eganville
DESJARDINS, Audrey 1996-10-03 Welland
FORBES, Gary William
a.k.a. "Bill" or "Billy"
a.k.a. Ron HARRIS
2011-09-03 Niagara Falls
GRABLUK, John Stanley 1997-11-15 Toronto
CARDINAL-FERNANDES, Gilberto 2016-03-16 Gatineau
WELSH, Norman Richard 1976-07-19 North Bay