Note to Police and Other Agencies

Ontario's Missing Adults invites case submissions from police or other agencies where the disappearance occurs in, or is linked to Ontario. Cases involving unidentified found remains are accepted if the remains are found in Ontario or if there is strong reason to believe that the unidentified person is linked to Ontario.

Should you have any concerns about confidentiality or sensitivity of information, please feel free to contact Ontario's Missing Adults at LERequest@missingadults.ca.

We are not associated with any Law Enforcement agency or private investigative agency. Therefore, any tips that may be sent to Ontario's Missing Adults will be forwarded to the agency with carriage of the case.

If you have a missing person or unidentified person case that you would like to have added, please email us at LERequest@missingadults.ca.

Case updates can also be submitted at the address above or at Updates@missingadults.ca.