Note to Family Members

If you wish to have a missing family member added to this website, please send us an email that includes your loved one's full name and a brief outline of the circumstances surrounding her/his disappearance along with your full name and telephone number. It is also helpful to indicate the dates and times when it is most convenient to contact you.

Once your email is reviewed, you will be contacted by phone to discuss your case. Should you wish to have your loved one's case added, you will be sent a detailed information sheet to be completed.

You will also be asked to provide contact information for the Police Agency handling your case as well as the case number. Due to privacy and safety issues, every attempt will be made to verify the information provided with the investigating agency.

If you have a missing adult family member and wish to discuss having her/his case added, please contact Familyrequest@missingadults.ca.

If your family member is included on the website and you wish to have it removed, please let us know at Familyrequest@missingadults.ca.