Note from the Site Owner

I first became a volunteer with The Doe Network in July 2003 because I was shocked at the number of people featured on the website and I wanted to work towards returning a missing loved one to her/his family. I still do.

When I was asked to take over the Area Directorship for Ontario the following year, my focus became one of researching the cases that we had through newspapers and verifying the information with police. It seemed that with every new piece of information, I learned of other missing or unidentified person cases.

Reading the circumstances surrounding the missing and unidentified, it is impossible to not think about the families. As I became more familiar with the cases, I began to think about the families left behind. I thought about the parents who live without knowing what happened to their adult son or daughter. I thought about missing adults whose young children are left waiting for their return and parents who step in to raise their grandchildren while dealing with their own pain of a missing adult child.

Dealing with missing adults is a difficult issue. There is no law that prevents an adult from voluntarily picking up and starting a new life somewhere else. The situation is further complicated in cases where there is no clear indication of foul play. It becomes a delicate balance between respecting the adult's privacy, while trying to determine exactly what has happened to the missing person. At the same time, family and friends of the missing person are left to grapple with feelings and situations for which there is no guidebook.

I created Ontario's Missing Adults as a first step in helping families with a missing adult. Much of the information presented on this website is gathered from numerous other websites in Ontario. My hope is that visitors will spend their time looking at the cases instead of having to visit many separate websites to see the same information.

In the next few weeks, more cases will be added to the website. Visitors are encouraged to visit on a regular basis for updates and new cases.

Feedback and suggestions about Ontario's Missing Adults are always welcome.

     Lusia Dion