About the Site
Ontario's Missing Adults was created as a first-step in helping those who are searching for a missing adult in Ontario. It is a place where families can post information about a missing loved one. Police and other agencies are also encouraged to submit information about both missing and unidentified adults.

The mission of Ontario's Missing Adults is to serve as a comprehensive information resource. Our belief is that by including as many cases as possible in a single location, more time can be spent looking at the individual profiles rather than searching individual official sites. The more information that is exchanged about each case, the greater the chances are that such cases can be resolved.

Many of the cases detailed here are considered 'cold cases'. Hopefully, visitors to the site will recognize the faces shown and be encouraged to come forward with whatever information they may have. It may be a key piece of information that leads to explaining a disappearance, or giving back an unidentified person's name.

Unidentified adults are listed here because we need to find out who they were in life. They too are missing from someoneís life.

Sources of Case Information
Case information presented on Ontario's Missing Adults is collected from three sources. The primary sources are family members with missing loved ones and police agencies investigating the cases. In some instances, case information is gathered from police and other websites where public appeals for help are posted.

Ontario's Missing Adults reserves the right to remove case profiles where there is reason to believe that publicizing the case may jeopardize the missing personís safety in any way.